Minimum Wage

The minimum wage hasn't been raised in PA since 2009.  In that time, the base pay of PA legislators has increased by over $10,000


EVERY state bordering PA has a higher minimum wage.

Our welfare system subsidizes low wage payers.   A higher minimum wage saves tax dollars by allowing low wage earners to get off of welfare.


I am a business owner and when my customers do well, I do well.  Raising the minimum wage is GOOD for business.

Legalize Recreational Cannabis

Marijuana is a SAFER drug than alcohol

Both impair judgement and are dangerous when used prior or during the operation of a vehicle, but that's where the similarities end.

Nobody has ever died of an overdose of marijuana and states that have legalized marijuana have seen a decrease in binge drinking, which often is deadly.

Most violent crimes are committed under the influence of alcohol, while cannabis generally makes people mellow.

Pennsylvania's adults deserve the freedom to legally use a safer alternative to alcohol.

Death with Dignity

Pennsylvanians should have the freedom to make end of life decisions about their own bodies.  Terminally ill patients should not have to needlessly suffer if they don't want to. 

We treat our pets more humanely in this respect than we treat human beings.

Eight states have death with dignity laws.  Oregon's goes back to 1994. 

Property Taxes

Nearly every year someone proposes getting rid of property taxes entirely.  The reason it hasn't been done is that it is extremely difficult to replace the property tax without severely hurting other groups.

A recent proposal would have increased the sales tax by 33% and increased the income tax by 66% and instituted new taxes on food, clothing, and pensions.

Every politician who favors eliminating the property tax says the problem they are trying to solve is low income seniors losing their homes.

PA already has a solution in place to help low income seniors: the Property Tax/ Rent Rebate (form PA 1000).  With the tax revenue from legal marijuana, we could double or triple the amount of money that is given back to seniors who own or rent their homes.

This is my letter to the editor that was published last year on the subject:

Prescription Drugs from Canada

Americans pay the highest prices for prescription drugs of any people in the world.  For example, in America Insulin costs over $300 per vial, while in Canada a vial costs around $35.

Why do Americans pay so much for prescription drugs?  The fact that the pharmaceuticals and health products industry spend nearly as much on lobbying as the second and third highest lobbying industries. 

At least six states have introduced legislation to allow their citizens the freedom to buy prescription drugs from Canada.  Pennsylvania should be working on bypassing the federal laws that keep this freedom from Pennsylvanians.


All voters should have an equal voice in elections.  Gerrymandering gives some voters greater influence and diminishes the votes of others.  We can not trust either party to draw district boundaries. 

It's time to set up a non-partisan, independent panel to draw fair districts.
We need fair districts to have fair elections.

Here is my statement on Fair Districts